Our Difference

For Solutions-based Strategic HR

  • HR Consulting with a difference!  We effectively support organizations to identify the best Talent and Leadership strategies and ensure their successful implementation
  • Our solutions are business oriented and customized to the specific needs of each organization
  • We focus on identifying the best HR Subject-Matter Experts
  • We focus on Quality and Excellence
  • We specialize in implementing HR solutions that stick and have a positive impact!

For Solutions-based Coaching and Mentoring

  • We retain the best subject matter experts and coaches so they can also contribute to problem solving, strategy development and the sharing of best practices
  • We manage change effectively and position our solutions in a positive manner to ensure buy-in and commitment by the participants
  • We offer face-to-face 360 degree feedback interviews that ensure coaches gain real and precise feedback on strengths and areas requiring further development
  • We offer work shadowing to Executives to gain a good understanding of their behaviors in an actual work environment
  • Our programs are designed to reinforce specific organizational behaviors that need to be improved
  • We understand that the time of an Executive is precious and we ensure our programs get completed rapidly and effectively
  • We target specific outcomes for each program
  • We specialize in implementing solutions-based Executive Coaching and Mentoring that sticks and has a positive impact!