Work Shadowing – Challenge & Approach

  • In the work with executives it is important to identify, and by-pass, a biased self-perception
  • There is a limited amount of possibilities to gather external data points and avoid blind spots such as: psychometric assessments; work shadowing and 360° feedback
  • Work shadowing is an important building block to get an understanding of how the clients is behaving in his or her “natural habitat” and how they are in relation to the people around them
  • Agreement and active support of participant
  • Development of proper communication of work shadowing approach
  • Performing an eco-check with the participant as part of preparation is crucial to avoid negative consequences of work shadowing
  • All observations are documented in notes
  • Coaching sessions are used to prepare and debrief outcomes

We believe that it is becoming increasingly challenging and complex for Executives to be effective in senior organizational roles and our solution is designed to provide them with the necessary support to strive and be successful in their roles.