Solutions-Based Coaching & Mentoring

We offer individual and corporate solutions designed to support the specific needs of Board Members, CEO’s, MD’s and VP’s.   Our solution-based approach has been refined over the years in response to strong demand for more business focused and solution oriented Executive coaching and mentoring offerings.

Our core strength is to manage and deliver solution-based Coaching and Mentoring programs that help Executives master the right competencies so they become value creation enablers.

Our programs blend Coaching and Mentoring to deliver the optimum benefits for Executives by also requiring coaches to share and transfer their functional knowledge and expertise in order to generate the maximum impact for individuals and organizations.

We use a well-tested and proven process-driven implementation approach that guarantees the success of each program.

To ensure the success of our programs, we source the best global subject matter experts who are then encouraged to contribute to problem solving, strategy development and the sharing of industry best practices. We make use of a process-driven implementation approach that ensures the success of each program.

Our programs are positioned as voluntary to ensure buy-in from Executives and are designed to also support the achievement of the overall organizational strategy and objectives.  There is generally little or no resistance from Executives who take part in these programs because of the quality of our Coaches/Mentors, our attention to detail and the process-driven implementation approach we follow.  As well, we value the time of the Executives and our programs are designed to be completed rapidly and effectively.

Our process-driven implementation approach for solution-based coaching and mentoring includes face-to-face 360° interviews and work shadowing.