About RSVP, our Coaches/Mentors and our CEO

About RSVP…

Our vision is to help organizations and individuals gain a competitive advantage so that they can reach higher levels of excellence and business performance.

We are a global HR consultancy whose mission is to support clients to gain a competitive advantage by building agile leaders and robust organizations.

RSVP’s core strength is in delivering solution-based interventions to help senior executives master the right competencies to become value-creation enablers.

The solutions-based HR, executive coaching & mentoring approaches that we deploy are customized to ensure that executive learning compliments the unique vision, values, culture and strategy of the organization in which they work.

We are a culturally-diverse organization with core expertise in strategic HR management.

About Our Coaches/Mentors…

Our coaches and mentors are carefully selected to meet the specific requirements of each Executive or Board member.  The success of our programs is based on the sourcing of the best coaches available in the marketplace and from around the world.  The coaches/mentors are selected based on their functional knowledge and their level of subject-matter expertise.

Because we make use of a solutions-based approach, our coaches/mentors are also well positioned to contribute to problem solving, strategy development, risk management and the sharing of best practices and solutions in addition to traditional coaching objectives.

The Project Manager for every Organizational Coaching and Mentoring mandate also ensures that the selected coaches reinforce the specific leadership behaviors that require further improvement in the organization.

Our coaches/mentors understand the value of time for the Executives and our programs are designed to be completed quickly and effectively to minimize the impact on day-to-day operations.

In summary, our coaches/mentors share in best practices, help Executives identify practical solutions to existing and challenging issues, and also provide them with the opportunity to discuss problems with someone who has been there and done it!

About Our CEO…

Paul Bellavance is a global HR practitioner and leadership coaching expert with 35 years’ experience working with C-Level and HR management teams across the Middle East, Asia and North America, to deliver HR and talent solutions designed to accelerate business growth.

He has worked closely with clients to coach and support their HR transformation initiatives across various industries including: government institutions, energy, financial services, telecommunications, Hi-tech ventures, retail, business consultancy, medical research, health care, executive education and aerospace.