“In my 15 years in Management, I have never experienced such a 
unique and distinctive program”.

Senior Manager, Telecom organization

“This program is head and shoulders above any classroom or traditional program; we learn a lot more in this challenging and different environment.”

COO, Omani Bank

“An experience I will remember for the rest of my life.”

Sales Manager, Middle-East IT organization

“It would have taken me years to get to know my co-workers the way I did in this program”

Newly hired manager, Telecom Company

“I am in my 60’s and this was a real fun learning experience for me”

Medical doctor for large corporation

“I achieved things I thought I would never be able to achieve in my lifetime”

Senior Manager for government ministry


“Fantastic job, the trainer was so professional and really knew his stuff”

President, Communication Company

“I was so impressed by the trainer, her personality, what she does and the amazing impact she has on other people”

Leadership development program attendee, German IT Company

“I can’t forget the wonderful time I spent during RSVP Leadership Communication Program.  There are only few instructors I can name who I believe have that wonderful charisma & presentation skills.  The trainer could amazingly draw the listener’s attention without them having to feel caged in boredom.”

Supervisor Marketing, Oil & Gas Middle-East Company

“The trainer met rave reviews from our group.  Her style is an approachable and empathetic friend leading to an open and valuable dialogue with the participants that greatly encourages the learning process.”

Managing Partner and editor, monthly magazine in Gulf region