RSVP has conducted extensive research in order to assemble various programs and subjects, from the most important and obvious ones to the most practical and constructive ones. With RSVP, different options are possible and our flexible approach is ideal to customize the detailed needs required by any business. A variety of standard programs have been assembled to suit general demand, but individual programs are also available. RSVP favors an interactive, fun and non-lecture format of learning that is aligned with the local culture. RSVP will help you identify and target your needs with:

  • Standard programs
  • Customized programs
  • Individual or group programs
  • From entry to executive level programs



Where do we do business?

We are a global team with specialized experience in Southeast Asia and the Middle-East.  We are very flexible in regards to the location and our trainers and consultants are available to travel most everywhere. We will make every effort possible to meet your needs. We will also recommend preferred locations for specific programs. For example, some of our RSVP teambuilding and leadership programs are ideally suited for the desert because the isolation of the participants contributes to encourage participants to interact with each other.

Our Pricing Policy

Our goal is to offer the highest quality training programs at competitive prices. Our International Certification programs come with standard pricing arrangements that are governed by the licensing organizations. We also offer train-the-trainer programs to organizations who wish to develop and make use of internal training resources.